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Why Friv Old Menu is Not Available Anymore? || Friv Old Games || Friv Old Menu

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Have you heard that? I think you would have. That we are not able to access the old friv menu but what’s the reason. Friv is without a doubt one of the best gaming menus for youngsters and toddlers and has had a lot of popularity among them. Since Friv has updated their menu, several users of Friv have switched to some other websites as the new menu didn’t have had the games that the old one has.

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  1. 𝕸𝕰𝕽𝕺𝖀𝕬𝕹𝕰 ㊝ says:

    i played on it from 2015 to 2020 that years was my best life's years

  2. I miss Garfield….the mystery game😭

  3. Anyone knows the game name where guy fights titans? Ive been looking for it for 3 years

  4. Anyone know the name of game with blue logo fighting with aliens 👽 use x and sword

  5. Does anyone know the name of the game in which there were dwarfs or Santa Clauses and the music in the game sounded like this: https://youtu.be/4rTjJUcJNAw ? I guess this game was in the old friv games

  6. ive been trying to find this one cooking game i used to always play on Friv, this is so sad, i loved Friv so much

  7. Ye why it’s not available all my favourite childhood games were on there

  8. 0:06 I just want to know the name of the game on the upper right that's right next to the pink thing on the right

  9. i cant find this one game where you would release tanks, armies, ships, jets from a base on the left and attack a base on the right. it was 2d and ive been searching for it for hours now

  10. i miss my favorite games idk why it got deleted. i miss that so much

  11. hey if you have any possible way to go just to see the name of the friv games, can you please go check the name for the game on the right that has a blue thing that kinda looks like a turtle. its a bit in the corner, if you can, i would be so grateful, please, the nostalgia is killing me, i must play it

  12. Guys does anyone remember a game about Minecraft with a villager as a thumbnail? It was a game where you had to create things and something like that….please if anyone remembers the name of the game

  13. there was a game that had a blue potion on the front and another one when you build a resort and try to gain customers, does anyone remember?

  14. Its all good and that but why did they have to add bullshit ass new games

  15. I remember playing friv all the time when I was little and it sad that now they change it . I don't really love the new friv

  16. Friv is such our good childhood. Can't believe it no longer exists.

  17. In this site there was the first video game I played in my life. Can't believe it got tooken down

  18. can't remember the name of it, or if it even was on the old friv site, but there was this pirate game where there were two teams, and you shot at the other team with different kinds of attacks and stuff

    you also flung the pirates around with the mouse or something to move around

  19. does anyone know this one game there where its like your this boy and he's in his family's house and you can explore and talk to the family members?

  20. I miss that game where you're a viking and you're on top of a dragon and you have kill the dragon while it's flying

  21. the new Frix is Super Trash my favorite games aren't there my favorite games is in the Classic one

  22. Hey, does anyone know this game, idk the name but you are a small yellow thing with legs & you’re trying to run away from something. and you go through obstacles to try to escape. there were levels and stuff.

  23. Does anyone know the name of this game it’s 3 down 8 across to the right basically it’s on the top left the guy with the giant shield

  24. do u guys know a game where u would fight some kind of cat bosses with 2 girls one blonde and one with red hair and they would have magic powers

  25. i cant remember the games name and i find it for 3 years now… still not found it yet T-T

    its a 2d fighting game like street fighter and we need to select character. i only remember some character. theres ninja man wearing mask with red hair and red katana, blind woman wearing green(or red im not sure) cloak, and slender robot(or maybe alien)

  26. Usw internet arhive on friv old and allow flash player

  27. i miss old friv😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  28. I miss being a kid and playing friv on the computer

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