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top 10 friv games

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  1. Metal scarp heros castle defend is my best game in. Friv

  2. I wish there was zombotron for mobile I remember when I was a kid I played it all the time

  3. Does anybody remembers a game it was about going thru doors and behind every door there was a different time

  4. whats the name oh the game with a guy with an orange helmet and a green t on his face under a pirate 4th row?
    and whats the game with a dude with spiky blue/white hair, under a game with balloons on the far right 6th row?
    i need answers

  5. I dont remember the name but the one that you start from busting out of an rocket its the best and plus zombotron buuut if you play youll be amazed kinda need an normal computer not an potato one

  6. I don’t get why this has so many dislikes

  7. I played Friv along time, I’m a veteran

  8. does anyone remember a game where u conrol some kind of crane and build houses and stuff like that?

  9. I used to play on friv when i was 7, and now im 15. I cant believe it hasnt changed since then.

  10. How I found the site on the scool's vomputer and I can't find it on my computer

  11. does anyone know the game where you shoot free kicks cux I don't know its name

  12. anyone remembers a game like halo 4 please help , it was a shooting game , similar customes to halo different weapons and modes .

  13. help me, i remember one game where yellow robot has bombs and goes underground by crashing floor. he has different type of bombs.

    What is the name of game

  14. Could someone please help me find this game 🙏: it was on the first number in the first line of old friv.. There was a green guy who lived in a town.. The water transportation in the city was stopped and then he had to fix the water systems. Does anyone remember it?

  15. Does anyone remember a game that start in a boat a blue creature i guess holding a case in his hand in a hotel he will start his journey he needs to collect some rocks tgat each one have signs and he will fall in a tunnel that will lead him to a village old one with camps he will find there the stones i reallly wanna play it please does anyone know the name?

  16. does anyone know the name of a game like a guy with a bow and he can go through, kill people and then he gets like better armor and bow, i know that one of the better armors and bows were like purple, also there is a second part of the game please!

  17. What is the name of that game that was close to city siege
    helix? I loved that game but i cant found it anywhere

  18. Does anyone know about game ITS has yellow robot (not transformer) and it was on this video right on top line then from left to right you Will see the robot that has Squidward nose

  19. Does anyone remember a game where there are two teams of robots and we have to kill other team robots? It's actually quite similar to zombotron. If anyone knows please let me know

  20. I remember i was playing one robot game in friv i was killing another robots and then i become car again oof..someone tell me how the game is called?

  21. Who know the name game its a orange robot whit a "y" green

  22. What the name of the one two down down from one Tom boom

  23. Never mind god it min hero was my childhood

  24. what’s the one where u run from the bull
    or somet

  25. Does anyone remember a game in which you were a fish and you can go deep in the ocean, And once you die you respawn with your soul and 3 hooks that has fishes on them? There were predators (fish predators obviously) that try to eat you? been looking for it for years now

  26. Not sure if it was on Friv but there was a game where you’re like this small square robot and you have to go around the map and try not getting hunted down
    It’s been so long I can’t describe the game

  27. Name of the game with the carrot and hamster? Plis

  28. does anyone know the name of that game that were 1 guy that his dog had an accident and the guy had to save his dog, that guy was unlocking levels and many doors 🚪.

  29. Bro, this hits different I remember when I used to play friv with my cousins about 7 years ago and now everyone is busy with his own life the last time I met someone from them was a year ago, I miss these old days

  30. does anyone know the name of the gane with a red and white robot with blue sword and u fight other robots and u control the robot with a mouse also you were is space and u fly with a jet back but can not stop flying just move the character

  31. Does anyone remember that one game about the two armies and you had to protect like a crystal? it looked kinda oldish

  32. Does someone remembers a game where UFO's abducted cow, farmers to make them meat? It sounds weird but I can't find it

  33. So i've been trying to find this game based in a spaceship which you could control three characters and there was a blue "scout" a yellow tank and a green character and each one had abilities like the scout could go invisible, it was like a platformer, it's been years now looking for it :c

  34. 2 line game 23 does anyone remember that games name?

  35. Who can help me find the game in friv it’s about a robot in space who killed some people in white costumes

  36. Как называлась игра где мы играли в камень ножницы бумага с противником и могли пользоваться ударом или суперударом

  37. man i played this a long time ago when im brainless kid i forgot that but do u know the top down game the rpg game theres alot of eggs and ur gonna pick which one ur gonna get good pet or not and also its gonna fight with u in ur adventure and every like 3 stages ur gonna get a new pet again ur gonna pick like theres alot of eggs there and then theres also a storage there in the right side if u talk to him its like hes gonna store some pets its only in the eggs pick map tho if im pretty sure i forgot its name i dont know what is it can u tell me what is it pls i really wanna play it again its really underrated game tho

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