The best friv games pt.2 -

The best friv games pt.2

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  1. at 0:10 what is the name of the game in the top right corner, its the image of a guy with a blue helmet

  2. whats the name of the game with the gray balls hitting eachother

  3. what the game below a game with the VEHICLES

  4. What is the name of the game with boy with green hat?

  5. at 00:10 at his mouse the game that is up his mouse the guy that looks like a soldier can someone tell me the name of that game please!!!

  6. at 5:39…go 4 up…and 4 left (the one with the guy with his fist in the air) please tell me the name of that game

  7. does anyone know the name of the game? that is next to batman and the blonde girl

  8. can someone tell me the name of the game with that blue square with like a jetpack and goggles

  9. what is the name of the game with like a blue square guy with goggles and a jetpack i think helpp

  10. at 5:38 go 7 left there isa game with red guy and he hold a weapon can anyone remind of it its my childhood game

  11. Can someone tell me the guy in the green overalls and is purple in the top left?

  12. Does anyone the first game in 7th row (The one with a guy on a green dragon) ?

  13. idk if u guys remember, but does anyone remember a very old game, i remember specifically around 2011, with a knight and a dragon and you had to complete a quest in stages and there was a princess at the end, and she was taken?

  14. Anybody out there know the name of the game 4 down and 1 to the left of the first row? Might be some kinda rts I've looked for for years now.

  15. Do you know game that has gray rabbit and has a sitches or scratch on its fabric? And i think it's wearing an eyepatch…I think the game is about riddle , escape or saving the girl rabbit i think? Pls if u know it , tell me.

  16. The forth line from the bottom to the top and the first game there. The one with the kneeling man who is praying I guess. Does anyone know that game. Please tell me if you do. I've been searching for years.

  17. what is the name of the game that is above ace gangster taxi?

  18. Can you pls tell me the name of the game in the top row on the left side the second one i've been looking for it in years!!

  19. Can you help me? I'm trying to remember a game in which you controlled a Greek hero. To advance in the story, you should click on the objects in the stage of a stage. Example: You must deliver an apple to Aphrodite, then you click on a stone, then click on a stick and the stone is thrown, then the apple falls and you hand it to Aphrodite. As far as I remember the graphics, it simulated the Greek artistic style, as if you were watching in a Greek vase. I'm trying to remember the name of this game, please help me.

  20. the second game in the seventh row (the one with the guy who has glasses and brown hair) anyone know what game it is?

  21. wuts the one with the guy that throws burritos and stuff

  22. My all time favourite game seems to be some limited game on friv. I remember it was all dark with and elf and you had to save some girl elf I remember. On some tall castle tower I believe. There was a part with patterns like triangles squares. I got so nostalgic and the color scheme was all black and gray.

  23. 3th line from bottom 14th game PLS tell me the name if you know

  24. what is that game with the white ball looking at a white squares two squares from cube droid saves the galaxy to the left

  25. can anyone tell what game is last row, third game from the right????

  26. I'm crying right now I lost my childhood

  27. Probably nobody sees this but does anybody remember a game on friv from 2013 or some like that wgere dracula the mummy and two other monsters were playing some kind on monopoly.It was my childhood game and i cand find it .PLS HELP ASAP

  28. tell the name of game on 3rd Row at second last

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