Secret games on friv 2020 -

Secret games on friv 2020

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There are more games than you have seen so if you want to see all the games watch the video till end.

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  1. Does someone remember a game on friv it was like a wheel under water with stars and it was going up with oxygen bubbles

  2. Does someone remember a game on friv it was like a wheel under water with stars and it was going up with oxygen bubbles

  3. Since someone got replied, im going to shoot my shot.There was this desert game, i think, which you had to fight enemies, i think aliens? And the Main Character got several helpers along the way, I N E E D T H I S G A M E 😫.Please and Thank you.

  4. lol didnt know some people are still playing this XD

  5. what is the name of this game on bottom left which a ball with an axe?

  6. I am also pakistani like u and i really need help… My friv layout has changed

  7. Nice vid you got there if only my channel has content like these…

  8. good i love youuu so much thanks my love love you

  9. i was looking for the purple beaver dam who is blocking the waters :<

  10. what game was it was kinda arcade style all pixely the character was like caveman look and you have to look save someone it was a girl i think ad there were enemies monster thingy?

  11. Please tell me what is the nam of the game which is the 6th from left side and second from the bottom.

  12. im trying to find the game where the spacemen shoot each other bruh
    if anybody finds it please tell me where to find it and tell me the name

  13. What the game called we’re the yellow blob with purple shorts called
    20 across 5 down

  14. someone please help what is the name of the game on the eleventh row from left and 5th from up? the one with the pixel man

  15. does anyone remeber the game where this guys wife and i believe child got kidnapped and killed and he sought revenge on the guys who did it?? the game was on friv but I just cant find it. Some one plz help me. I remeber it was like friv at night games'

  16. Does anyone remember a game with like fluffy round living things and you needed to take care of them i think and they had like little spikes and they had different shapes and ears? The games icon was a fluffy round purple creature. I reeally miss this game.

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