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Random video:playing random friv games with Louka

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  1. In Japan, 1988, Joseph Joestar's nephew Jotaro Kujo is arrested and refuses to leave his cell, believing he is possessed by an evil spirit. After being called by Holly, Joseph's daughter and Jotaro's mother, Joseph arrives with an associate, Mohammed Avdol. They explain that Jotaro's "evil spirit" is in fact a manifestation of his fighting spirit, called Stand, and discover that they also possess Stand. Joseph explains that the sudden appearance of their Stands was caused by his grandfather's enemy, Jonathan Joestar: Dio Brando, now referred to simply as DIO. Dio has survived his battle with Jonathan by cutting off the heads of his enemy's corpse and tying his head to it. Now preparing for global invasion, Dio has awakened his Stand (which awakens the Stands of the rest of Joestar's bloodline due to the use of Jonathan's body) and has recruited assassins who use the Stand to kill the remaining descendants of Jonathan. Shortly afterwards, Jotaro uses his Stand, which was later renamed Star Platinum, to defeat the first of these assassins, a transfer student named Noriaki Kakyoin, before rescuing Kakyoin from Dios control by removing a parasitic loop. of meat. Holly soon becomes seriously ill due to an Attitude appearing in her, which is slowly killing her because of her reserved personality. With a little hesitation, Jotaro, Joseph, Avdol and Kakyoin embark on a journey to Egypt to kill Dion and save Hall's life. Along the way, they defeat another brain killer named Jean Pierre Polnareff, who later joins the quest to kill Dion and avenge the death of his sister, whose killer is among Dios' forces.Forced to travel on foot as Dios assassins manage to disrupt their air and boat journey, the group confronts Hol Horse and the killer of Polnareff's sister, J. Geil, in Calcutta, with Avdol apparently killed during the confrontation. Polnareff kills J. Geil with the help of Kakyoin and the remaining group travels further to Pakistan. After defeating Geil's mother, a Dios loyalist named Enya, the group arrives in the Red Sea, where Polnareff learns that Avdol faked his death to buy a submarine that allows them to reach Egypt.Upon arriving in Abu Simbel, the heroes are joined by Iggy, a Boston Terrier with an attitude of his own, as he faces the first of nine Stands named after Egyptian deities (instead of the previous tarot theme). Kakyoin was injured in the clash and was taken to hospital to recover. After the group defeats several other Stand users as they arrive in Cairo, Iggy discovers and takes them to Dios's residence, with Kakyo reuniting with them. At the entrance to the mansion, the feast splits – Jotaro, Joseph and Kakyoin fight with the last of the nine Egyptian gods Stands, while Polnareff, Avdol and Iggy make their way through the mansion. However, one of Dios's servants, Vanilla Ice, kills Avdolin and Iggy, who both sacrifice themselves separately to save Polnareff. A furious Polnareff fights Vanilla Ice and discovers that Vanilla Ice has turned into a vampire like Dio, a fact that Vanilla Ice herself did not know. Polnareff floods the room with light, smashing vanilla ice and taking revenge on his friends.Jotaro, Joseph, Kakyoin and Polnareff finally encounter Dion and flee his residence. A chase ensues through Cairo, leading to Kakyo's confrontation with Dion and his Stand, the World, whose power Dio has taken many attempts to keep secret (having previously killed Enya to prevent him from revealing the heroes ). Though mortally wounded by The World, Kakyoin manages to deduce Stand's ability to stop time for five seconds and secretly transmits it to Joseph in his final moments. Joseph is able to overtake Jotaros, but is quickly killed by Dio, who uses his blood to increase the duration of his ability to nine seconds. With most of his dead allies and Polnareff unconscious, Jotaro remains to fight alone with Dion. During the skirmish, both sides discover that their respective attitudes are similar in both rays, power, and ability, meaning that Jotaro is able to also use the stopping powers of World time. Jotaro initially uses this ability to move briefly while Dio has stopped time, but he learns how to stop time directly when Dio tries to press it with a road roller. Dio tries to kill Jotaro with one final blow, but a counterattack by Jotaro splits the world in two, killing him and Dion. Jotaro transfuses Dios blood back to Joseph and uses Star Platinum to resume his stopped heart (a skill he had previously used in himself while playing dead during the war with Dion), reviving him


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