name of all old friv games 2013/2014 -

name of all old friv games 2013/2014

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name of all old friv games


  1. i rember playing chsm but i couldint rember the name when i was 5 tysm

  2. Bro ruffle isn't working for me :(((. My game is on October 2014 but why won't it let me get by the stupid flash blocker.

  3. im an og of friv, man
    A meme unlocked a memory i never knew i had

    now i remember playing a soldier type game or sum
    or a game about defending a chimney

  4. can someone help me, like there was this gaem where you build like a city and upgrade it and expand it and stuff, anyone remember?

  5. Man i was searching for Cubob for days, thanks!

  6. thanks because of you i found haunt the house

  7. thank you ive been looking for a certain game for 2 years now i really appreciate this

  8. Graciassssss encontr mi juego favoritooo

  9. does someone have the link to the old friv or just a link to power pamplona?

  10. Hi guys can III ask if someone of y'all know the game where you were a green man with a gun and you shooted monsters you could've upgrade your guns stuff cuuz I can't find it annywhere

  11. Can someone tell me the name of the one where there's 3 kingdoms and you fight the other 2. You have loads of towers and have to send troops to the other tower to conquer it.

  12. i finally found that pirate game i used to play when i was 7 lmao

  13. Who remembers it was a pink monkey angry on the profile of the game the game was like little guys fighting bis bosses and unlocking characters please help me find that game ! ?

  14. ive been trying to find jinx & minx for about 3-4 years,cannot believe i finally found it,screaming in happiness.

  15. does anyone remeber the game where this guys wife and i believe child got kidnapped and killed and he sought revenge on the guys who did it?? the game was on friv but I just cant find it. Some one plz help me. I remeber it was like friv at night games'

  16. does anyone know the name of two games from what might've been from from 2013 or 2014, one was about a cowboy and it was a timed platformer and you needed to save someone in 3 or so daysthe other was a game where it started off with a blue figure and the objective to find someone by moving in certain patterns or blocks. Towards the end of the game there was a pink figure and soon the game was would end thanking the player and the two would either merge or disappear or poof or something.Please, it's like the games don't exist anymore but I know it did because I have other friends who distinctly remember playing it too. Both games were single player if that helps

  17. Thank you so much man,i was searching for intrusion for 3 hrs and finally found it.I used to play this game when i was a kid (intrusion 2) and i finished it like 2 times.I want to do this again and see what was so fun abt it.Anyway,peace

  18. do you guys know a game where like u can lvl up guns to fight enemied like in a black hill

  19. Help guys. whats name game where you have plants and the are attacking something thats not plants vs zomies pls help me

  20. I don't know for you guys, but I remember haved a friv game with strangers creatures in a beach.

  21. Thank you soooo much i have been searching abduction escape for i think 5 last years

  22. Does anybody know of a game from FRIV that is similar to pokemon , where you are a character that use's monsters to battle and the starting monsters were a lighting boar and a fire tiger. and to acces each boss you would need to find the piece's of an elemental tablet that had the form of a circle .

  23. Does anyone remember the name of a Friv game where you play as a little orange character with a wispy head and black beady eyes? It was a sidescrolling platformer and you had the power to make things and yourself shrink and grow by collecting some kind of "energy" from crystals that fell from the sky. I think there's like an apocalypse going on, and at the end it's revealed your planet and the moon(?) have collided into each other and you separate them but end up getting flung into space, and your planet is yelling in pain.Thank you so much!!

  24. if you guys want i can post other dates too but i can't find 2010

  25. Thank you so much…. I've been looking for route 401 motel for the past 5 hours. You helped bring back my childhood :,)


  27. I have been looking for empires of Arkeia for so long


  29. Does anyone rmeeber that old game on friv where it was a tower of different elementals/monsters and they were your pets thatd youd fight and theyd upgrade and grow like poekmon kinda? does anyone know the name of it?

  30. Do somebody remember a multiplayer game where there was a monster, and 4 players, the monster would try to kill the players and the last player would win, one player could sabotage others with freezing gun or other things, if somebody remember please tell


  32. does anyone remember that game about some ninja that parkours and fights knights and that game is literally too hard

  33. I cant play them it says: requests to the server have been blocken by an extension
    What can i do?

  34. Slk eu joguei muitos desses jogos faz uns 5 anos, são mt bons ainda melhores quando vc reúne seus amigos pra jogar os multiplayers, eram jogos simples porém mt competitivos q nem aquele do futebol q os cara só tinha cabeça e o pé kkkkkkk, alguns eu tenho baixados e jogo até hoje, pena q a maioria se perdeu e as próximas gerações não vão poder jogar essa maravilha

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