Muslims Conquered Minnesota -

Muslims Conquered Minnesota

Michael Knowles
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Minnesota changes its flag to look suspiciously Somalian, Canada’s anti-Catholic witch hunt turns up nothing, and a San Francisco teacher goes viral for saying Israel and the US have no right to exist.


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0:00 Minnesota Changes Flag to Be Basically Somali Flag
4:06 Coming Up
5:57 Canada’s Anti-Catholic Witch Hunt Turns Up Nothing
10:09 SHOCK: Conservatives Want Trump to Kill Every Person on Death Row
14:30 RFK Panic Mode over Pro-Choice Comments
21:26 Michael & Google’s Worst Nightmare
23:23 New COVID Variant
27:12 “BOMBSHELL” Recording from Michael Cohen
31:47 Submit Your Voice Mailbag Questions
32:25 Michael Cohen: Melania Came Up with “Locker-Room Talk” Defense over Access Hollywood
36:36 Watch Mr. Birchum on Daily Wire +
37:40 My Favorite Comment
38:11 Pelosi vs. Winston Marshall over 2016 Election
41:52 San Francisco Teacher: Israel and the U.S. Have No Right to Exist

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  1. So when are Americans going to start doing something about all this? Its absurd to think this is actually happening and not one person wants to do something about besides Trump.

  2. Michael you need to get Winston Marshall on your show please!!

  3. I left the left leaning Minnesota back in the early 80'S when the Somali invasion was allowed to happen. Minnesota = communism.

  4. Now the whole neighborhood will be screwed as hell once these people flood every states here in our country.. Wake Up Uncle Sam.. Pls do something about it..

  5. You would think the people in Minnesota would be up in arms opposing this crap!

  6. It could also be "conservative taxpayers no longer want to foot the bill to house criminals on death row."

  7. It's not a joke that I feel like their taking over the state

  8. I'm from Minnesota and embarrassed by this joke of a flag

  9. Nice job Minnesota. You let it happen right under your nose.

  10. Not surprising considering who their state representative is!

  11. The US Army must take back Minnesota. Problem solved.

  12. The non-normal people, judging and making comments about how horrify they are by normal people behaviour generally behind closed doors behave far far worse.

  13. i didnt vote for tim w..he an idiot…caused the riots

  14. If she, the teacher, believes that anyone who has committed genocide has no right to exist, she should start first by looking at home .

  15. MN needs their elections audited by the military.

  16. Unbelievable.
    America, 🤬 WTH 🤷🏽‍♂️

  17. every minnesota should write gov w to remove this atrocity….minnesota should not pander to one small minority..disgusting…

  18. THEY deserve it! They voted in the dumbest politicians on the planet

  19. This is horrific news, but in all seriousness, judaism has already conquered DC, soooo….

    A North Dakotan

  21. Americans:”keep voting for liberal leaders…” lol 😝

  22. The mayor has committed treason! The US is doomed!

  23. I'm saddened to say that considering other dominantly Islamic countries, it seems like life gets worse wherever Islam flourishes.

  24. Where are all of the Freeman and gun toting conservatives?

  25. Without even seeing the video yet at least you Americans have your guns to defend yourself from when they are taking over in England we are just handing it over willingly and the ones that do care don't seem to be able to do much about it

  26. So Minneapolis, and Dearborn Michigan are Muslim strongholds. Noted.

  27. who voted and approved this travesty of a flag

  28. I knew it! I got called a conspiracy theorist, & an Islamafobe for warning people about this.

  29. America needs to be reconquered and deport all these trouble makers

  30. These politicians dont care about America's opinions. Time to take our country back.


  32. Minnesota turned Somalia is Obama's plan. Keep learning the rest of his sinister plan.

  33. I was born 3 months premature , it’s disgusting to think that a full term baby can be aborted , As if abortion isn’t bad enough already especially since women use it as birth control even though other sane humane methods are available !! Funny how the father and 5he baby have no rights ! The baby cannot be created with out a man I hate to clue some of these entitled warped women . NOT women in danger

  34. Leaves the American flag, but you know he wants to replace it with the old USSR flag. That's the next move for that sad state's leadership.


  36. All my family members and myself, want to know when “we” voted for this crap? We were born and raised here in Minnesota. We were NOT asked if we wanted this or given an opportunity to vote on it. Where was our say?!? This is disgusting!
    The new flag is an abomination! It should be burned at every opportunity!
    Whoever decided this needs to pack up and go to Somalia and stay there…and take your hideous flag with you!

  37. And yet another state falls to coudenhove kalergi

  38. This is what happens when you’re too nice. What happened to the real Americans who knew how to handle shit?

  39. Jeezzz….. We live in the United States of woke nonsense.

  40. Who the hell decided to change the state flag? Was it voted on? Did there idiotic legislature decide this?

  41. Catholics. Rise. They were burning crosses on my great grandfather's lawn for being Irish and Catholic, and had been doing so for years- until my great grandfather and his neighbors decided, "No more. This stops NOW. Our children will not grow up to suffer like this without us saying something about it." And he responded with gunfire after escalation of force reached it's inevitable conclusion. It stopped. Needless to say. They will not burn our cathedrals, they will not burn down the churches of our protestants relatives without meeting fierce resistance.

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