Intrusion Full Walkthrough Gameplay -

Intrusion Full Walkthrough Gameplay

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Watch the full walkthrough for the action game Intrusion, play it here:


  1. Gogy games can you pls add a comment on my video pls

  2. I finished intrusion 2 first, then intrusion. At the final boss of intrusion 1, i had 0 lives and no healths left, I WAS ALIVE, finally, I killed the robot and finished the game 😀

  3. Man, he made it so easy. When I tried it I died like 81739827084 times LOL. also i couldn't get pass the stage on 9:32 I didn't know what to do

  4. I love how in this game the developer take the philosophy of john carmack. No one cares about the story, just wreck everything. Oh yeah there is a story

  5. I completed intrusion 1 with no deaths also i downoloded it as SWF shortcut and play it on SWF because flash games are going to be disabled from december 2020 so i can play it forever i also completed intrusion 2 hard mode but i like more intrusion 1.

  6. Is the best fucking shooter 2d pc nostalgia😭

  7. Y solo va a quedar en el recuerdo, ojalá hubieran logrado salvarlo 😉

  8. When I was kid I was easily winning. Now I cant get to next level

  9. When I finished this game I thought I was first that finished this couse my big brother couldn't did it it was first game I finished my child hood game 😅😢

  10. This my first game played! Omg i love intrusion

  11. I remember playing this at school's computer lab, good times

  12. 2018 when i started playing this miss thos days

  13. I remember s Glitch that was when the airship drops the soldier in level 1, u get killed and the airship was stuck in the small base (Also in level 1)

  14. 卍 Հ.Ա.Ս.Ա.Կ. 卍 — Greater Armenia says:

    Oh! Nostalgy…

  15. es que se me hace un poco difícil jugarlo y más si es en computadora

  16. I loved this game as a kid and it was always fun y to watch him hit the rock when he bursted out of the pod.

  17. Man the 2nd game had so many improvements

  18. 36:41 the explosion almost killed me the sound is so funny that I ran out of air

  19. I beat the all 3 boss in intrusion 2 in hard without knowledge when i was a kid 😉

  20. absolutely insane how he uses tactics instead of going rambo like I did. congrats.

  21. I shouldve gave this game more love

  22. Oh my gosh this used to be my favorite game. I used to play this on friv all of the time

  23. I love the physics in this game, really worth worked for a flash game

  24. As a gmod addict i just realized it uses a lot of half life/2 and counter strike stuff, like the generic crate is a cs texture.

  25. For some unknown reason,when i was on top of the rocket i couldnt hit it,therefor i couldnt beat the game:(

  26. Bruh, I'm stuck on the last boss playing on hard mode. Riddled that mofo with 300+ SMG bullets and a fuckton of grenades and it still didn't go down. Tf?!!!

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