Incredible Ice Cream Inventor | Official Friv® Walkthrough -

Incredible Ice Cream Inventor | Official Friv® Walkthrough

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We explain what ingredients will get you all the reactions you need. Any problems, please just comment below. Please like and subscribe for more great walkthroughs!

00:00 The Start
00:12 Reaction #1 You Are What You Eat
00:59 Reaction #2 It’s Getting Cold In Here
01:58 Reaction #3 Fire And Ice
02:50 Reaction #4 Out Of This World
03:45 Reaction #5 Dancing On Ice Cream
04:46 Reaction #6 Queen Midas
05:34 Reaction #7 Crema Romana
06:28 Reaction #8 Escape Plan B
07:23 Reaction #9 Better Out Than In
08:18 Reaction #10 Sticky Mess
09:08 Reaction #11 Fruit Crush Delight
09:54 Reaction #12 Spookily Tasty
10:48 Reaction #13 Fussy Eater
11:33 Reaction #14 A Bit Off Color
12:34 Reaction #15 Super Chilled

You can play the full game here:

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  1. yo ya los ice dolo estaba buscand por que me faltaban 6 y ahora solo me me faltan 4 q son los de abajo

  2. We love friv… i mean its our childhood

  3. you guys were… my childhood the old menu where you could play games… mad arrow was my favorite…

  4. Hey friv do can make update for extreme pamplona…pls😊


  6. Hey Friv Can You Redesign Or Put An Option That Brings You To A Reacreation Of The Friv Classic Menu JUST FLASH GAMES ALLOWED I Will LOVE THAT AMAZING IDEA pleas do it for my and other lost chilhood in the nowhere

  7. friv remember when i made that video? well i got a question why when i was on friv classic a random song started playing

  8. How I would like Adobe to return to flash player so that friv is like 2009. What memories

  9. Hello Friv! I want thank you for adding Power Pamplona to the new menu. Please don't remove it, because I want to tell my friends about it and play it together after many years. Please don't remove it, Thank you.

  10. Friv is it possible you could make s friv browser Like y8 did so we could play the old games

  11. Hello Friv. I want to remind you that Power Pamplona has been emulated on Ruffle. I am telling you that, because I have been waiting impatiently over 1 year for that game to be added to the new menu. Please reply if you can or can't add it. I hope you can add it.

  12. rest in peace adobe flash player 🙁

  13. Friv are ypu coming back,i cant get flash ! I want your games 🥺

  14. Hello friv, how do I complete the last mission that says: used 5 bad ingridients, thank you.

  15. Friv can you make a list of all old popular games?

  16. Hello Friv. Can you add: "Papa's Pizzeria", "Fancy Pants Adventure", "Roller Coaster Creator", "Mini Putt 3", "Little Wheel", "Super Playboy", "Intrusion", "Age of War" and "Bad Ice Cream"? ALL of these games can be emulated with Ruffle and aren't on the new menu. Please answer if you can or can't add these games.

  17. @Friv
    Can you bring back the old friv menu with html, or emulated?

    If You Can Please Do It Immediately To Bring That Wave Of Nostalgia
    If not… it makes me sad because I wanted to revive my nostalgia with games like Laser Canon, Electric man 2, snail bob 1,2,3 and 4.

    But I think laser cannon and snail bob 1,3,4 I think are emulated you can also add these games with the old friv menu please…
    Of course if you can make the option from the old friv menu.

    I hope one day the flash comes back.

    Bye, you've been the most nostalgic site ever I've been playing your games since 2014 and I'll never stop playing your games 🙂

    You were the best site ever.
    God is the only one who will know if the flash will come back to life or not.

    Goodbye 😀 #Frivisthebestsiteever

  18. finally i can finish this game peacefully

  19. This is such a cute little game, I enjoyed it! Just wish there was a "Completed all achievements" achievement or a little "Great job!" screen once you got all of them.

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