How to play old Friv games in 2021 - New method to play -

How to play old Friv games in 2021 – New method to play

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We all know adobe flash is dead. So we can’t play old Friv games anymore because old Friv websites and games are fully developed by flash. So here I have found new Friv websites which looks the same as old Friv websites with lots of new games. Have fun and enjoy.

New Friv website links:


  1. power pamplona bro … why … discontinue photoshop or somthn..

  2. i miss stick man fight a that panda game in friv wyaaaaaa :–(

  3. i want to play this game 🥺🥺 plss open this friv 🥺🥺🥺

  4. Me too i want to play all the classic games i can download these games online as well

  5. Does anyone remember the game where u had to choose a country, bandana and it was a racing game (on foot)? Because I completely forgot…

  6. anyone remember the ice cream game where you have to escape a villian and try to get out there was like chocolate and strawberry and more and the other where you have to dress up 3 girls and go to the stage I miss those game so badly..

  7. Anyone knows the clashing game where theres 3 kingdom and fight each other

  8. Anyone else just trying to get one specific game name?

  9. Yo what was the game where you had like a red hood and you wre wanted and you had to run away

  10. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  11. but what about the old games i need them 🙁 pleas pleas pleas pleas pleas

  12. My old memories are with Friv,Kizi may someone still remembered me and my cousin play these games all the night when he comes for night stay and we have so much fun . We start game in 10 pm and we play till 4 am at night laughing and eating. I know it is unsual for playing till 4 am but on those days fun making things are added in games not fancy accessories we play games and laugh. This is the memories old gaming had given us . Miss those days when me and my cousin plays 2 player game . We sometimes fight too but then laugh on fighting and start playing games ah nostalgia. Adobe Flash player shut down and memories can't bring back but thank you friv for making beautiful memories 🙁

  13. If I could've find my old game's name..

  14. im gonna have a nostalgia attack HELPHELPHELP

  15. im still sad i cant find that game that i used to play on friv all the timee B((

  16. this are new games there is no garfield thing my favorite

  17. anybody rremember that balloon game where u had to do puzzles to get balloons?


  18. Dude Friv was literally my childhood I played when I was so young, i had such good memories like Death chase and garfield. But yea I grew up and eventually stopped playing. And Ever since tried to come back to play again cuz it was very nostalgic hearing about Friv again, but to my only suprise that Adobe Flash shut down. AND LIKE DUDE MOST OF MY GAMES I USED TO PLAY ON FRIV WAS MADE BY FLASH AND NOW THEYRE GONE MAN, WELL ATLEAST WE ENJOYED OUR LAST TIME WITH FLASH GAMES

    damn that electro game (forgot title lol) with the electric dude fighting ninjas or smth was cool but kinda hard lol but its gone now

  19. Tf man this sucks. The old one is the best. The old games :/…

  20. im very sorry but this does work but can you do one where it has the older games because i like those ones better and i have been searching for ages on trying to get to the old menu

  21. Isn't the same …😓can u please find a way to play old and original version 🥲

  22. Does anyone know the name of the game in which there were dwarfs or Santa Clauses and the music in the game sounded like this: ? I guess this game was in the old friv games

  23. There was this cartoon story game on there where you was some blue dude and I remember you had to help some pink girl with blonde hair get her body back or something cuz someone else was possesing it. Someone please help me find the name of this game im on about cuz this was my childhood game.

  24. Does anybody know what that one game where it’s kinda like Pokémon but multi battle or something like that is called? I remember playing it on friv years ago but I forgot what it was called

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