How to play old Friv games in 2021 - New method to play -

How to play old Friv games in 2021 – New method to play

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We all know adobe flash is dead. So we can’t play old Friv games anymore because old Friv websites and games are fully developed by flash. So here I have found new Friv websites which looks the same as old Friv websites with lots of new games. Have fun and enjoy.

New Friv website links:


  1. The title clickbaited me the new friv sucks I prefer the old one that was probably in 2013

  2. I wanna cry i wanna play where that your a ghost trying to scare people and make them leave pls comment if u know that game i kinda forget it 🙁

  3. anyone know the shooting game from the old Friv . man with a red Scarf . pls tell the name of that game

  4. Title backsound plese 🙏 your my lord if correct

  5. i cant remeber the name of that god damn game where u spawn like minions and have to destroy the crystal of the enemy, wiht all the like nights and other fantasy ppl n shit n im kicking myself tyna remeber some1 help plz

  6. I want the old friv, not this new 2017 poop

  7. There's a rpg game the intro song like this " zareioz zareizo " pls if someone know it pls pls give me the name

  8. i want to play it because it was my childhood I remember old friv

  9. Does anyone remember this game where a kid gets kicked out of college so he sets up a burger stall???

  10. Does anyone know a game where we could grow our own tree house, and if we don’t take care of it, the tree house would die

  11. 𝔏𝔲𝔫𝔠𝔥 𝔐𝔬𝔫𝔢𝔶 says:

    I was obsessed playing the magician game and the one where you decorate the egg and a dragon hatch

  12. Guys pls tell me ame of the game I used to play it was ox forging swords and bows with copper and silver and than characters were fighting pls tell

  13. I want them too sad face 😭 RIP Adobe Player Flash 😱

  14. does anyone know the game like tower defense in friv

  15. I think new friv is better than the old friv

  16. Adobe player flash is dead? Oh no l want the old games back!😭

  17. Nooo my fav game the one that there is a fashion show and you need to choose what character is for what like fancy or other things 😭😭 why it's not thee same dude we don't care if there is a new site with new games WEE WANTT TTHE OGGGGG GAMESSS

  18. There are not the same games. The only reason i played friv is because they had games that i would otherwise have to pay for.

  19. what game is the kid with fighting zombie flushies pleas tell i want to play it again my last play is 3 years ago

  20. 0:23
    Do someone know the name of that green thingy game near that pizza game?

  21. A as chilld i loved to play one tickman game that was on friv the game is 2d its about stickmans who are defenting their selfs on a tower they all are archers i think and monsters are attacking them like snakewoman zombeis and others please if u think u know the name of the game tell me i have to play that game atleast one more time!!!

  22. 𝒉𝒆𝒚𝒊𝒕𝒔𝒎𝒂𝒉𝒅𝒊𝒂 says:

    I dont like the new uptade from friv bc i cant find the ice cream game if u know ur a ice cream and there is creatures idk that wants to smush u into a pancake that game was my frickin childhood i loved it so much that i would beg my mum to play it with me bc u can do it with 2 players but now in the new Update i cant find that game anymore its very sad 🙁

  23. what about the old ones?! i want to relive my childhood!!!!

  24. I always loved playing the one with the guy running from other people in diffrent countries

  25. can someone tell me the name of the game where u defend your castle and u have a giant pencil launcher? if someone tells me I can search for it and play it on my flash browser, I miss playing it so much

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