How to play old Friv classic games 2020 - (Link in Description) -

How to play old Friv classic games 2020 – (Link in Description)

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Many of you may miss the old Friv classic games. New Friv games somethings lagging and also not interesting when compared to old Friv games. Here is the tutorial for playing old Friv classic games.

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  1. Plz give me name of 7 row game 8 the guy who is red

  2. anyone know the title of one friv game here you create idk if its a motel theres tiny people and buildings you create

  3. When i enter it doesn’t display the click to access old menu what doni do

  4. Doesent work guys where can I find real old friv

  5. What's the one where there was a little girl i think her name was Annie. It started from her home but suddenly she got lost and she had to go through a forest, found various creatures and monsters and you have to help her with different challenges and at the end she found the way home? As i can remember the graphics were very nice.

  6. im so sad 🙁 why friv make a new menu ? the old was the best 🙁

  7. One time, one day somebody will fix it

  8. you cant play beacuse Adobe flash is ended i dont know RIP

  9. I miss that game where you start off losing your balloon and you tried following it and got lost so you had to find a way back home,if anyone knows what that game was PLEAZ TELL MEH

  10. I would sit on the computer for hours playing this

  11. Whats the name of that friv game with a red bandit on the picture

  12. Yes back to powerpamplona 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😍😍😍😍😍😍

  13. now that friv changed all the games on their original website makes me sad and mad that they removed classic games that everybody loved and replaced them with trash copies of popular games.

    "Dont cry because it ended,
    Slime because it happened."

    – Dr. Seuss (Theodor Seuss Geisel)

  14. i want the old games friv but it did work for me

  15. Does anybody remember the name of that one spaceship game where the powerups would stack like crazy and at the end of most levels there would be a boss? It's to the right of haunt the house and the lower lef corner of the game is covered by the big yellow thing that says the name of the game your mouse is over.
    An edit literally minutes after leaving this comment: Ok I found the game it's called thunderax 9k for anyone wondering. I found it by watching some video of someone playing a bunch of friv games and I put it on .25 speed when they were in the game selection thing and paused it when they moused over the game. I'm determined to find a way to play the game now I may just end up downloading it onto my computer tho.

  16. I used to play friv since i was 7 in 2009, the last time i played was in 2011 i remember games like papa's pizza and garfield and that game where you can play as a drawing with a spikey hair (i don't remember the game's name) played more than those 3 but i don't remember now been 10 years since i last played.
    Im close to my 20s now and has been a great childhood for me just learned out that adobe flash is dead and i feel bad:(

  17. yo does anyone know that one game name where you were a green man and you were shooting monsters and unlocking new guns?

  18. Does anyone know the name of the game thats a soccer game and you can control all of them and you can pick teams

  19. after finding this sites in 2 years of finding i finally found it. thanks i been playing that friv site in 6 years as a kid thanks ;).

  20. Guys what game was the 2d military game where you kill enemies to get to the next level?

  21. And what was the name of the game where you do rock paper scissors then when you win you attack the opponent?

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