How to open old friv games -

How to open old friv games

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The new friv menu is difficult to find al games and the games don’t work correctly so here is the solution to open old friv.

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  1. I went from this to Fortnite man things change 🥲

  2. I remember playing those love test games and putting in my friends name + poop… good times

  3. Does anyone remember a game about a purple dog and the at the end of the game he finds someone he likes 😩

  4. yo does anyone remember the name of that game were you were a shadow and you had to kill bosses and the final boss was a giant hand?

  5. Anyone remember chasing the Friv logo and then switching to the other corner real fast so it doesn’t disappear under your cursor 😭😭😭😭

  6. This friv is my childhood. Those days when we were looking for our favorite game for 15 minutes.. And now? They're not even there for the old games, and it's not like that.. The younger the friv, the worse it is.. The worst part is that the old friv can't be run that easily any longer.. 🙁☹️😭😢😩

  7. can someone tell me wut the game dat i know but its not in friv no more content:spooky finding candy puzzles and a bday or party at the end

  8. Everyday after school, I would come to my computer and play the games from this Website, Good Old Days

  9. What's the name of the game where you spawn a bunch of fighters, like the mummies, samurais, knights and stuff. I miss playing it.

  10. Remember the game where you had to ran from a bull arount the city and later from a skiing man? It was probably the most nostalgic game ever.

  11. The new friv menu is difficult to find al games and the games don't work correctly so here is the

  12. Can anyone help me find the game it maybe at y8 or friv its where you automatically run and you have a skin ninja color red and there are cutscenes

  13. What's the one game where there was a little girl i think her name was Annie. It started from her home but suddenly she got lost and she had to go through a forest, found various creatures and monsters and you have to help her with different challenges and at the end she found the way home? As i can remember the graphics were very nice.

  14. Bien d'être vidéo mes montre comment on fait pour aller la

  15. How was this game called: A pink character was callecting baloons? in every color and baloons were keys? or something

  16. Omg this is so nostalgic, when i was a kid i play this web with my big brother it was so fun. Lmao i had to try this after suhur

  17. I miss playing Drive when I was a 7 year old 🙁

  18. What is the name of that one game with the guy in the winter camo with a red scarf?

  19. If you remember this means you had a great childhood

  20. Anyone know which game was that one where u and the computer each had a crystal, and you spawned troops to go fight and hit the other one? I know that there were 10 different guys you could spawn like novice, ninja, veteran, etc and that it used the same music as age of war. Been tryna find it for a while

  21. Anyone remember Rodriguez's Revenge? I was never able to beat the first main boss. (The one with the blades) But that's alright. I loved that game all the same. As I did with many others.

    God, I miss Friv.

    Why did they have to discontinue the support of Flash?

  22. i was playing friv, i played almost all of the game girls and i had fun playing it since 2014 but i dont know the games anymore, i want to know the games but it shut down i hope it brings back

  23. Anyone know the name of the game 6th from the top, 5th from the left?
    i forget…

  24. yall remember the christmas theme and that santa game loool

  25. Someone needs to help me!!!
    I was like 8 and I loved this game it was around 2007-2009(not sure).

    the scriped for the game was: a boat with oil sunk in the ocean and you as a player need to help the corals to grow by feeding them with match colors, plactons. when you feed them they begom stronger and some are growing around and the oil disappear, AS you move foward it becomes harder and at the last level you have to fight the oil monster.

    it's an amazing game and I need to find it!!! 🙁 <3

    so, plz if someone even a lil remembers let me know, pleaseeeeeeeee <3 :')

    (also the game grafics and colors look really good for being so old) {like it's a cartoon with out lines around}

    PLEASE <3 TY :')

  26. i was kid and she a kid
    now i am teen and she still kid
    i miss you

  27. The 2014 Friv Memories We will always remember it😰

  28. how do i play min hero again? its not on any site

  29. I remember playing friv so much …
    Bt now it's not the same…

  30. that pop up on the top left does not show when was this video made?

  31. does anyone remember name of a game that u rescued people?
    its in the 5th from the right up, its a guy kinda screaming idk


  33. i tried and it didn't work……………..

  34. i remember playing this when i was 4 every day i miss old friv

  35. does anybody remember the milk quest game where the cat had to find it’s milk?😭 or the scientist one

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