How to open old friv games -

How to open old friv games

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The new friv menu is difficult to find al games and the games don’t work correctly so here is the solution to open old friv.

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  1. does anybody remember the milk quest game where the cat had to find it’s milk?😭 or the scientist one

  2. Does anyone remember that fantasy war game where you pick knights, monks etc it was so fun

  3. 𝔏𝔲𝔫𝔠𝔥 𝔐𝔬𝔫𝔢𝔶 says:

    My favorite one was the magician where you try to complete the trick

  4. damn. I remember playing this game so much with my cousins and whenever I was bored when I was like 6-12. I'm genuinely gonna miss this site and all that is offered by adobe flash. out of any other flash games out there, this one's definitely the one that shaped my childhood the most. RIP

  5. Bad icecream is one of my favorite game, when i play this game i feel like back to 7 years and play with my childhood. And i love the big head ball too, i was laugh so hard when i or my friend got negatif buff its so funny xD

  6. I remember playing the Haunt the house game that was one of my favorites💜

  7. Ughh so nostalgic,No covid,no stress,no depression,no academic stress just fun 🥺💔

  8. does anyone remember that one game where this girl runs away from home and into a really cool magical forest, she has to use a bucket to get over a fence, and swing on vines/snakes, and walk up muchroom stairs idk man I just really wanna find it 🙁

  9. Power Pamplona Gamer like me here?! <3

  10. ZelTigerGirl (Birthday on November 16) says:

    I remember friv its my childhood

  11. can someone help, i really can’t remember that game… it’s a girl in a country side and she was getting a pail of water in the well, and then something happened (i can’t really remember ☹️). afterwards, she will go to the forest to find something. ahhh nostalgiccc 💖

  12. I hate the new friv,it sucks + they dont have all the old games

  13. I would spend half of my time finding a game cuz there was so many… also I would play girls go games 😭I miss those times

  14. что я играл в детстве

  15. Old Friv: Worm Madness. bad ice cream. Tasty planet and more.
    New Friv: Clickbait Games

  16. Does anyone remember a game where you play with a bird with left-right arrow controls in a seemingly purple themed background. I have got tired searching for it

  17. I was playing old friv for final in 2014, when I was 2nd in elementary school, Now Im was 14 to get back research my gold childhood ( old Friv ), but all I see is Friv 2020 in second 0:34,
    NOOOOOOO!!!! Google! give me back my good old childhoooooodd!!!

  18. Hey can someone tell me the name of that pencil game down at the bottom I loved that game it would mean the world to me to play it again

  19. Whyyy that didnt work i have miss those old games and this friv i was play it since i was 6 this new friv is a shit (sorry but i had to tell that )

  20. Nostalgia hits hard with this game website, I visited this when I was younger.

  21. I remeber playing that one game where the police would chase you in different cities. Like a guy wearing white and a red jacket and running

  22. I love you bro now i can enjoy ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  23. does everbody remember the name of the game where we play as a purple ball and we have to save the little balls?? please i want to play that game just cant remember the name

  24. ap na gis app par likha ha friv game us app ka nam bata da

  25. What was the name of the yellow cup game in the 8th line in 9th number plz tell

  26. hello can i help someday find the name of a game in friv please 🙏🏻

  27. I remember in kindergarten playing friv back in 2011 brings back nostalgia

  28. Frive first game browser about 8 or 9 years ago I used to play

  29. this yellow marker it doesn't appear to me i miss you OLD FRIV 😢😢😢😢😢

  30. Please somebody tell me the name of the fifth game, bottom row. That game used to be my shit.

  31. my childhood wont be complete if friv wasnt existing,
    rest in piece friv.

  32. Cactus McCoy. That game is a part of my life lol

  33. my childhoud wouldn't be the same without friv. i really miss it 🙁

  34. New i can't play but i really miss old Friv :(.
    I was playng all day when i was young 🙁

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