How to open old friv games -

How to open old friv games

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Hi friends
Friv is one of the best gaming menus . It has been around 1000 games . But there is an issue as friv has updated the version ! many of the games Are missing and the menu is also changed making us impossible to find games but I have brought you a solution on how to play old friv games. Blast into nostalgia: dive into atomic runner online game.
I have taught you 2 ways to open old friv menu and enjoy it . Also , I have taught how to enable secret friv games.#oldfriv

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  1. Ako sa volá tá mini hra kde zbieras tie balóniky


  3. I, played this game wen I was 4 years old now I'm 11 thx now I can play it now.

  4. hi look i see everyone saying that this really works but every time when i write friv old the thing that pops out first well on my pc there is no such thing i am not saying that you are lying but please if anyone knows how can i play the old friv please tell me because that was my favorite app and i want to play it again

  5. Please help me I don't know the name of that game but in that game the king saves queen by collecting coin and jumps up in the cloud and evil spirit throws current up from the sky this game I used to play from sliding phone plz if anybody knows help me, I have been searching it for more than 4 years 😢😢😢

  6. Thanks For This Video 😭😢 Now Im 10 Year Old I Muss You Friv! 😭


  8. yayy i like it burt i know i'm little debilosss

  9. can you tell me what is the game on the right of fire boy and water girl pls?

  10. Help me guys I forgot a game in friv in which there were stickman superhero of different colors and different powers

  11. Anyone knows which is the game in 8th row 2nd game?

  12. I've been on frog since I was 6!! Thank you!!! 💕💕

  13. I've tried doing this so many times but it always doesn't work! i've tried all the ways and technics but, again, it still doesn't work!

  14. Seriously, I really miss my childhood 😭..last I play it since I was 9 years old.. thanks bring back my childhood again..

  15. what is the game with the crying pink puppy blanket game is called

  16. я все сделала как вы сказали, не какой реакции

  17. is there any way to do it without flash because its now removed? i really miss the website 🙁

  18. thank you so much its been years, since i have miss the fire boy and wster girl!

  19. Who knows the game where you have to take care of some kind of like thing that lives in a tree, you have to prevent pollution so the tree he lives in doesn't die

  20. Anyone know the game where you were like a yellow doodle and you had to run through stages? Not doodle jump I can’t find it anymore haven’t played it in years and wanna play it again so badly

  21. Is 2021 still can do this?i miss this game omg…im gonna crying

  22. Спс чел 8 лет назад играл настолгия

  23. his computer is soooooooooooooooooooooo slow yo my one is fast

  24. Omg I miss my childhood😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔

  25. does antbody know the 3rd row 9th game?

  26. does anyone remember a game with these small red creatures that had to clear up the way for their king to pass ? i cannot find it

  27. Who remembers raft wars and that zombie shooter game

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