HOW TO OPEN OLD FRIV.COM GAMES MENU (PLAY FRIV Games 2002, 2003......2020, FRIV 2021) Jogos | Juegos -

HOW TO OPEN OLD FRIV.COM GAMES MENU (PLAY FRIV Games 2002, 2003……2020, FRIV 2021) Jogos | Juegos

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You can open(easy and fast) FRIV Games 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and FRIV 2021 directly from the links below:

FRIV.COM PLAY GAMES MENU (PLAY FRIV Games 2002, 2003……2020, FRIV 2021)
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  1. what was the game where you have to get a tool to save someone whos stuck, but then he eats you, its row 8 column 12

  2. sorry, but i remember playing this game with robots and it was sort of a wasteland apocalyptic game with upgrades and artifacts, i forgot it's name.

  3. Help me pls. Using Ruffle I can actually open old Friv but when I try to play a game this message comes out: "These contents are blocked"

  4. Whats is the name of game in 2010 version at the 4th column 8th row please

  5. i miss my favorite child hood game now i can play back tysm for this video


  7. Anyone know the game of the one Ninja like fighting game were u would go through levels and beat like a blindfold ninja(s)

  8. do anybody remeber that game where there was a warp pad and you had to like save the world or something

  9. there was like a click and point game, some little girl was the main character and I think a bird or sum took her animal, she went into this forest that behind her house and there were like monsters she had to avoid I FORGOT ITS NAME

  10. do anybody know what that game is called with the science looking bottle and it only has one eye with a mouth?

  11. i cant open it it takes me back to the new friv menu :<

  12. its always kicking me back to may 4th 2012 when i click on the screen

  13. i liked the old lab game with the blobs and on that friv it isnt there

  14. When I press apr 1 2017 on the wayback machine it says this plug-in is not supported. Plz help, what do I do? I really want to experience my primary school childhood again

  15. they're all different.. I may have bad memory but it didn't look like that before.

  16. Is there any different emulator because this is not working

  17. I need help finding this old friv game. I forgot the name, but I remember the aim – You would have little monster things and you would use them to fight the opposing side it was very similar to dragon mania legends, in between matches you'd walk in what I remember as a castle, and find other NPCs to challenge, in some rooms you'd find a whole bunch of eggs that you could choose 1 of and it'd be added as another monster and put in your inventory. It was 2D cartoon design. Thanks in advance to anyone who knows what it was called.

  18. parasoaG can you explain what to do if you adobe flash is not when you click for it

  19. does anyone know the name of the game that in in column 3 row 8, it has a red character?

  20. what is the name of the game with that purple fish and the game of that spirit that turns into objects?

  21. Okay, so I just remembered a game I adored when I was a kid. I don't remember the name of it, but its logo was a blue blob with hair and ears on a white background. Can anybody help?

  22. Does anyone know the name of the game in which there were dwarfs or Santa Clauses and the music in the game sounded like this: ? I guess this game was in the old friv games

  23. If possible can someone check what is the name of the game with the tile with silver haired man and blonde boy right below the friv name?? thank you❤️

  24. I tried it on my android device and it didnt work. It said it only worked on androids but fr me it doesn't. Can some help me plsssssss.

  25. What is the game where you defend your coins from monsters and you are like a Greek archer and other sword people it’s right next to the 250 on the friv sign I loved playing it if you can help


  27. so for some reason it says plugin is not supported

  28. can you tell how did u got the flash player extension

  29. does anybody know the name of the game where the character had three forms that you can switch, it looked kinda like an ant of some form, every form had different colour i think. I last saw the game maybe 2011

  30. ˖ ࣪ ‹ 𝙈𝙞𝙯𝙤 𖥔 ࣪ ˗ says:

    make cell phone pleaseee

  31. Wait but it says it’s not secure, will my computer get a virus?

  32. mine still cant open it it say on the screen this pluggin is not supported… pls help any one??

  33. At 2:06n does anyone know the game at second to the last column? In the sixth row? The pink cone and sky blue ice cream?

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