How to download Friv games 100% works -

How to download Friv games 100% works

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this is the video to how to download friv games form


  1. I need your help what is the game right above rollercoaster creator the one with the red guy holding the green railgun, I played that game since I was little and have been trying to find it ever since help me out please

  2. Man you're an addict and I kinda get it downloading with IDM!!!
    You need to get the embed code link to download it,
    What a smart one you are !!! Thanks for sharing. ^_^

  3. i cant understand what the heck your saying

  4. Does anyone know who that red headed little girl is?!

  5. ctrl+shift+i >> ctrl+shit+c >> hover & click the game >> show all >> right click and copy link address

  6. whats the game on top of Avatar Fortress Fight called?

  7. What is the game to the right of the batman game and on top of the roller coaster game

  8. ارض الطيبه فيلم مسلي كثيرا

  9. What's that Orange flower game next to that rat game that the 3 row up i can't remember it

  10. PLEASE HELP ME IM DESPERATE What is that game with the blue square guy, wearing goggles and a jetpack I WILL SUBSCRIBE INSTANTLY TO ANYONE THAT TELLS ME

  11. thank u its very informative.
    since my sister love friv game 🙂

  12. Can anyone tell me whats the game beside the dental game, the blonde girl one?

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