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Friv Garfield’s Scary Scavenger Hunt| Friv Games

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Garfield’s Scary Scavenger Hunt es un juego friv donde deberás ayudar a Garfield a encontrar a todos los donuts y a superar su miedo.
You can play the game here :

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  1. really out of all the games friv go play gta v or fortnite

  2. no me sale en aser la parte de los libros, lo apunto en mi pizarra e igual me sale por eso este video no me sirve.

  3. thx thx im watching it now and playing so i know the walktrhought

  4. I LOVE this game! I just finished this game a thousand times and the 2 too!! It’s so cool! I recommend!!!!

  5. This game brings back my childhood memories……

  6. nonononononononoononononononoononononononononononononono

  7. por que voce nao sobe naiscada dapara subi euga jogei

  8. I'm glad I grew up with games like this, not Fortnite

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