friv games #nostalgia #2000s #frivgames #youtubeshorts -

friv games #nostalgia #2000s #frivgames #youtubeshorts

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  1. I remember going to a cyber cafe for playing friv games

  2. What was the monster car Bob the snail and the red ball were my childhood. What memories

  3. water and fire is actually og game it was made in 2000s

  4. Fellow 2004 kid here, when you mentioned Poptropica, I got flashbacks to when I started playing the game at the computer class in university. My friend and I would get our work done or if there was a break we'd be playing flash games. Fun fact: Jeff Kinney created Poptropica. It's written in 'About the Author' of Diary of a Wimpy Kid books.

  5. Man how I miss it which they never updated it

  6. Ay naaaaaaaaaaah bro! Homie hating on Fire boy and Water girl!

  7. I forgot what the fifth one is. Haven’t played old friv in 6 years, someone please tell me

  8. Yo jugaba uno de un personaje de armadura naranja que peleaba contra monstruos pero no me acuerdo cual era

  9. old friv is the goat, change my mind

    also my sis used to play penguin dinner alot

  10. The fact that the red ball one was one of my favorites, r.i.p Old Friv 😭

  11. As a 2000 im going to confirm that "W girl and f boy" is og!

  12. I got introduced to friv when my aunt had a “take your kid to work” day only she didn’t have a kid so she took me. There at her office I met two other guys that were like twice my age and they introduced me to friv and I was playing the games with them on friv for the rest of the day on an office computer. The nostalgia tho I was like 7 or 8 at the time.

  13. Omg the third one gave me goosebumps and when you hear the music in this game you will ascend

  14. funny how i have played all these games except 2 of them

  15. I would go to my grandmother's house and start playing 🙂

  16. What is name of that stickman game i play it plsssssss answer😢

  17. It was exactly these games that I played my favorite and monster truck destroyer

  18. fireboy and watergirl is nostalgia dumb

  19. some of those games you cant play anymore


  21. All was good even that homeless who vomiting this was my childhood😢

  22. Can anyone tell me the name of the third game🥲

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