Friv Games Haunt the House -

Friv Games Haunt the House

Madessa Vanison
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  1. CARACAAAA! eu jogava muito! Até meu pc desinstalar o friv;-;…A AMAZING GAME!

  2. This is the cutest game ever!!! I wish I could find the music from it…

  3. @relientk4ever902 you mean the music that plays while you play it or the tracks i played on this video? if you meant the song that plays while you play the game, you can go to and find Haunt the House.

  4. there are 2 secret games on friv i will uplod a vidio on the 8th so get redy 🙂

  5. haunted by taylor swift
    also bulletproof by la roux

  6. Thanks… :)….BTW nice Vid…Keep it up…

  7. Can you name the real game's music.. the one in intro and the one when game plays

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