Friv Game - Fastest Car Game.(game for kids) -

Friv Game – Fastest Car Game.(game for kids)

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  1. I wonder how long it's been since I last played it…

  2. Hah. I was playing it when i was a kid. Now this kidly game reminds me my childhood. songs physics cars maps…

  3. I am here just for the song, i played it as a kid, now i dont need to play it

  4. Can any one please tell me that this game was play mobile also

  5. This game is so nostalgic, I was playing this game when I was really young. This game will stay in my memories forever 🙂

  6. Caralho! Finalmente achei puta que pariu 😢 vou deixar o like te amo mano tava procurando esse jogo no click jogos no final das contas tava no Friv kkkkk

  7. Holy crap, you just made me remembered this game. Awesome!

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