Friv Game #3 : Haunt The House -

Friv Game #3 : Haunt The House

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  1. I used to play this game when i was 3 years old

  2. Bro im 15 and i remember playing this game when i was 6 im crying right now

  3. Man I’ve been looking for the old frozen for years I remember playing super mario

  4. A word of advice: Don't scare people to the point of them screaming so loudly that their eyes aren't open. That's when they're more likely to jump out of the window and die, instead of going out through the front door.

    If all 30 people go out through the front door, the sign at the end will read "Abandon all hope ye who enter here".

  5. omg this game was my childhood- I remember playing this all day lmao

  6. The director of Yuri Movies Inc. loved this game.

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