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  2. Hey guys!
    Who knows a game in Friv where there is a delivery man called "Jhonny" and he will solve the ghost's problems. I forgot the name of it already please help me! I want to play it again.

  3. Has anybody seen "thingdom" in

  4. Hey Martin Brask, this website is so fun.I don't think I like any other website than did you get the idea?

  5. heyy what's the name of the game with a devil ? it's like a searching game.It was at friv but now i can't find it! if anyone knows pls help me! Thanks 🙂

  6. je suis togolais et mon numéro +228 99775116

  7. je suis togolais et mon numéro +228 99775116

  8. cómo llamar a que los monstruos del juego con el escudo y el cuerpo se asemeja a la de los granos

  9. those games are fun but kinda of boring at the same time and those games are for kids 😛

  10. lol can some one tell me the games name at 0:17 like the white guy with a telescope o3o

  11. Lol it's been so long since I made this video. xD

  12. Can someone help me? There was a Friv game which had a blue blob, and you had to take care of it, then you had babies, and had to take care of those babies. If you knw the name please answer me!

  13. 0:22 , can someone pls for the love of god tell me the name of the game that is on the left of the mario game, and on the right of the toxic game with the yellow guy? its the one with the dark yellow goblin/alien thing

  14. Do somebody know what that game where you had a airship like in 1900s and fight against ailens and send out troops i used to play that a lot but one day it was just gone?

  15. A game where you play as orange robot with machine gun, black robot with sniper rifle or blue robot with electric powers. Name of the game is something …Heroes i think

  16. some one tell me the games name at the white guy please

  17. For years now I have been trying to find the name of one of my childhood games,can someone please tell me if they know the name of a game that sounds like this: so there were like small monster or alien things that would come in different colours or sizes,and you would have to feed them and fruit would fall for them and you would make a family for them and you would explore and care for them and stuff? It was just a game I've been wanting to find for years.

  18. please someone know the name of the game about a child child who ate apples to become fat and then vomited

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