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About Friv
Since 2006 the Friv website has offered lots of great online games for users to play for free. Friv is different from many other games sites. We only provide family friendly games that are fun and of a high quality. We show VERY few ads. In fact, we’ll NEVER interrupt your game with an advert – that would be rude. We’ll never nag you to pay for anything. Users who never want to see even a single advert can visit our dedicated schools website at .

We’re delighted that over the years the Friv brand has become trusted by individuals, families, and schools worldwide. Users of any age and in any country can be sure that they will only ever find wholesome content on the site, and that’s a big reason we’ve grown and become popular. We know we have a big responsibility to our users and we work tirelessly to provide a great gaming experience on as many devices as we can. We’re eternally grateful for the support we’ve been given, and we endeavour never to break the trust our valued users have shown in us. In short, we love you all!

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