Friv - Checkpoint (Full game) -

Friv – Checkpoint (Full game)

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Many dumb mistakes were made while playing.

No editing cause i freaking suck! 😀

First thing I did completely on computer, lesee how this goes…

Thumbnail: You can tell I made it ’cause how bad it is XD (made with paint ._.)

Dunno why the levels with water are so laggy :/


  1. i cmpleted in rn 250 deaths 18min(and some secs)
    it had been so many years when i 1stly played this game lol
    you must have beaten it 5 times in order to beat it in 9 mins!

  2. is it just me or the soundtrack is amazing of this game

  3. eu já joguei esse jogo mas por conta dessa musica macabra de fundo do começo desde então nunca mais voltei lá

  4. Keep making more videos for views 😉 1.8k is amazing keep it up

  5. I'm playing this on the same website but the levels are different??? Ahhh ;-;

  6. The nostalgia is too much for me, man!

  7. I remember the first time that I played It, this is a nice game with a nice background and the soundtrack, I remember when I played It on my school's computer for researches, the last time that I finished It in 7:06:34, with 74 deads

  8. Me and my friends were talking about flash games. They had all played gravity guy (I had only known him becuase of jetpack joyride) I asked if checkpoint was also their childhood. They had no idea what I was talking about so I showed them this. They seemed to really like the idea

  9. What is the name of the sound track 😭😭

  10. This was one of the longest games I hav ever played

  11. Im litterly crying because this is so nostalgic and flash games died :(((

  12. When I was 6 years old (6 years ago) I got over 500 deaths (I really can't remember) and I gave up on the 2nd to the last stage

  13. que nostalgia….recordar que jugaba los juegos friv en sala de informática y después de clases….en serio fueron momentos invaluables….y mas por su musica…..

  14. These is nostalgia,i never won’t forget this game
    Soundtrack is in my head every night,I don’t now why

  15. This is so nostalgic of when my siblings and i would gather at the family computer to play friv and kizi games in the summer cuz we weren't allowed to watch youtube or tv until 3pm. The soundtrack rly makes it feel like im back in that time

  16. I'm pretty sure that 90% of people are still watching this video till this day only because of nostalgia

  17. Nostalgia strikes me right in a heart. If you want to play this, install Flashpoint.

  18. When i was little i was thinking the character is slenderman lol

  19. Missing this game so much i used to play this with my cousins we always try to beat as fast as we can and we always play 1 by 1 after 1 death

  20. Does anyone know the name of the music?

  21. i miss the old friv, i remember always playing garden gnome garnish at Christmas time and it was so much fun

  22. I like how sarcastic the comments were when it died 😂😂

  23. lol the messages when you die 🤣🤣🤣🤣they troll you sooo hard

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