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  1. Hey does anyone here remember a game on friv about this 8 bit game where It would changed what game it is. At one point your a rabbit collecting carrots and then you’re a spaceship within the same level. This change would happen when you cross over some sort of threshold. Anyone know what I mean.

  2. Hello my friend i hope that you can help me.Its a game with a figure like a little brown bear? Or a start in a forest backround and then it endsin a cave with 3 diamonds colour red,green and blue and you collect them during the game? Or you collect cherries i dont remember to be honest.If you can remember please tell me some games similar to these so i can check them up

  3. does anyone know a game where theres a boy in the woods and it was night. there were spooky trees with spiral branches and he was lost of somethings trying to find secrets or keys? i think it was a point and click game i can only remember so vividly

  4. Do you guys remember the one where you where a blue anteater and you searched for termites???

  5. i am sorry but do u remember the games secrets but not that in middle other secret game?..

  6. I ve been trying to find a friv game i always played when i was a kid, i don't remember the name but i rembmer that there is a mouse well you are the mouse and he just run on tunnels and vans i think it's desert western music … pleaaaase help me to find it

  7. thanks for helping me find a game that i lost for 8 years or so

  8. I just remember a puzzle like game, i think It was made of Clay o some weird artstyle, the mc was a girl and you had to solve puzzles, now It just exist in my memory

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