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  2. Does anyone know of a game in which there was a battle kind of and you deployed your army (soldiers, tanks, helicopters, planes etc) and in the last level the enemy fortress became a robot or something and came to your fortress and you had to destroy it?


  4. I played a zombie defense type of gameThe player plays as a medic armed with a sniper at day it can hire gunmen or upgrade these gunmen help pls

  5. TYSM!!!!!! i was so nervous looking for a game name and now i find it!!!

  6. Lake muito legal 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍✌✌

  7. Thank You so much bro i've been lookin for 1.33 for years 🙂

  8. Omg thanks I was search for these for a long time

    where you are in building and zombies are attacking then you unlock 2nd floor,3rd,then switching buildings?

  10. Do you know name of game about stickman's adventure on holidays. He traveled to the island

  11. anyone know a friv game where you steal stuff and put it on a car? then you get money then u can upgrade your?

  12. Does anybody remember this game, where you play as some kind of a virus, and infect animals to help you with parkours and stuff. You infected on their head bears and butterflies and many others that i cant remember. Help pls

  13. this vid is a big help cause I forgot the name of armor mayhem big thanks to you

  14. Wait what does abduction look like?

  15. Ty bro,i found my favorite game age of war :')

  16. is there a game on friv thats about a guy in the snow with a red bandana on his head and he like fights these guys or whatever

  17. I remember a game on Friv in which you played as a purple piranha-like fish and explored around. I wish I could remember it's name.

  18. Does anybody remember the trophies game? You collect trophies doing task in levels? Please help me find it. It was on Friv.

  19. Okay…. this may not be on Friv, but…. there was a game I used to play….. it was about… some kind of Little Dragon… who had to save his dad bc, some kind of Evil thing-

    I only remember the Carnival, Forest and Vulcano maps….. I've been searching for years… still can't find it….


  20. whats the game with the red spiderman-like figure icon and the character could switch colors? pls that was my childhood favorite

  21. Guys can someone pls tell me name of a game that u control a man with weapons and he has big robot that he can sit in and control and its apocalypse

  22. Anyone know that game where there were 2 crystals and an army to fight them red vs blue it was a long time ago but i always remember it being fun

  23. Does anyone know the name of that friv game where there's this green alien octopus that takes control of other animals if he's on top of their heads


  25. Anyone know the game that yellow running like minion running? Plssss

  26. Does anyone know the game where u were a character that was like a circle and he hadto fight with another guys and when u win u get their accessories and when ufight guns and a lot of other things fall down and u canuse it to fight first level was fighting in streets

  27. omggg I'm cryinngggg aaaaaa, i miss those days asdjdoenzo

  28. the other games that i played and i only remember few things, i saw it here and it gave me flashbacks😭😭😭

  29. Armour mayhem made me the man I am and gave me musical taste 😀

  30. Can you tell me what name the zombie game was called where you are on the office and you had to kill zombies and work with other survivors

  31. there was one game whit one farmer that drive vegetables and you have to be becerful to dont drop them but i dont remeber the name can you help it was in friv in 2012

  32. OMG TYSM ive been looking for anika's odyssey FOREVER i was so happy when i saw it on the thumbnail :'DD <3

  33. Thank you so much!!! I was looking for the game Anika's Odyssey for more than 4 years!!!

  34. Does anybody know a game where a meteor landed and that meteor was a giant alien that deploy smaller alien and you play as the opponent but you use dinosaur instead and train dinosaur using their egg?

  35. Guys who know the name of this game IM SEARCHING IT FOR 9 years now

    So theres a black color Monster alien idk gets a circle orb and go to other level

  36. Do you know game there was a red guy who beat the bad guys in run

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