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  1. I Need help Theres to Is a game where you play As a robot/human And you go through stages Theres Is a final boss which Is a big robot please i Need help i wanna play the gamer after like 4 years

  2. does anyone know a specific game i'm looking for? there were these people in a house and their environment would always get polluted

  3. it been years u was looking for a lot of them

  4. im currently searching for this one game where you could fight animals, i dont really remember anything else. the game itself reminds me of fnaf world tho

  5. Thank you for doing that i really needed the help to find some of the games


  7. thanks ! i was lookingfor some game names , and knowing that friv ended i coudnt find they … just realy , realy thanks !

  8. K I guess it’s that time to cry. I’m gonna miss thunderax 9k

  9. Thanks I was wondering what some of there names were


  11. you are a good person i download all the games i want thank you so much boy

  12. This friv is real nostalgia old i was kinder i play this now im 7th grade 😩😔

  13. Can u pls help me? I am looking for one game, there were two magical towers and with one click u could use different armys, most OP character was called "Lord"

  14. Someone please help me find this game I want to play for nostalgic reasons. You play as a big orange robot, a blue one, and a red one, and its like a fighting boxing game. Please helpp

  15. this helps so much thank for these golden games

  16. — what is the name of the second row and 5ft game plz give me the name

  17. Hi! There's an old Friv game that stayed for a little while. It was a blue ball game, she had a V in her head (or was it his eyelashes). I remember that when I jumped on the citizens' heads, they died (they became skeletons). It was a platform game, an adventure game. I have his picture if you want.
    I've never been able to find it, but maybe it was one of the special games that Friv occasionally released for us to play.
    A curiosity of this game is that it had a star, that every time I took it, it gave me the power to poop. The game was dubbed.
    It's a plea, if I can find this game, I'll be forever grateful.

  18. Does anyone remember the game where you had to hide stuff in your room before your mother came up? You had to hide clothes, alcohol, I’m sure even an unconscious friend. It’s stressing me out😂

  19. I can t find the game with your Army and you need to attack the other armys pls help

  20. bro thank u so much, been looking for mini dash by typing in "yellow guy running friv game" lmao

  21. Do you by any chance know a game thats like a brother creates a monster to scare his sister or something?

  22. 2:30 BEST GAME OF MY CHILDHOOD reflection is pure gold!

  23. You are awesome, I was looking for Intrusion quite a time now thx

  24. Does anyone remember the game with a tower where you fight monsters kinda like pokemon and get them in eggs, you kinda progress floor by floor. I really miss it and I forgot the name. There's like rams, boars, snakes and stuff

  25. dude thank you so much because i been trying to find rogue soul for a long time

  26. THANKS MAN 😭😭 now i can play Rogue Soul best game ever THANKS! 1:58

  27. Eco Ego is my favorite game all the times.

  28. so sad you can't play some of them like Jelly go, loved that game

  29. There was a game idk what it was called, u were a smal creature not from earth and landed with a meteor next to a tree, and then you shot up to a house and you landed in the house’s window and then went on from there

  30. I used to love the one where u could make ur own restaurant and it was all cute and anime and there was a spa one too😢 I can’t think of itttt

  31. Wasn't there like a Minecraft type of tycoon?
    I'm trying to find it but can't find it anywhere not even on the vids…

    Edit: I just remembered the pic was a Villager with a Sword next to it

  32. I'm trying to find this game that was on Friv where the icon looked like spider-man and the game was about changing colour to progress through the level. I can't see it on here help.


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