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How to play old flash games video link:

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0:00 – Intro
0:57 – What is friv
1:55 – My top 5
6:13 – The downfall

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  1. Friv was my main choice for flash browser games when I was young. I just wish that the developers would convert the flash games to newer web standards to play them. Those games could survive the Flash Player purge that way.


    My favourite by far was Fire boy and water girl

    But they ruined it and made it extremely cringe 🙁

  3. oh my you dont wanna know how seriously i took the game i was like a super gamer back then i hated the russia stage it was so fucking hard but after few times of trying i finally made it it was so much fun back then but now we cant play the games that we loved as a child and even now RIP flash player and all the games that were supported by flash player you will be always deep in our hearts
    I miss the old times when everything was easy and fun and all the cool things back in 2013-2017 when rocket league was released and there were lot of fun things i feel bad for the people that didnt get to enjoy those times i hope that maybe someday humans would develop a machine that can go back in time not to start from there again but to watch how nice and good it was then i really hope that a machine like that would come then you could just watch and enjoy the times back then ;(

  4. my top five are
    1. pocket fighter (I liked the bright colors and simple gaming mechanics it also got me into street fighter and similar games like that)
    2. min hero (I loved rpg games at the time and the art was amazing)
    3. milkquest (I honestly dont know why I liked the gane so much but I did) up facial beauty (The background music was actually very good same with lemon break too)
    5.pretty much all of those "scary" games like nelly, the Garfield haunted house, haunt the house, and other ones

  5. I remember this I used to play the bratz makeover game for hours

  6. Well some of THE BEST GAMES that you forgot to mention
    Renegade racing
    Tu 95
    fireboy n water girl
    Parking mania
    Miragine war
    Burger truck obama
    Extereme drift
    Sugar sugar
    Kung fu monkey
    Transformers rollout
    Basketball (cat version)
    Monster truck 3d
    3d car drift
    Sasha spa
    Crazy pants
    Stunt man
    Penguin diner
    Sim taxi
    Free gear
    Choo choons
    Truck mania
    Armor mayhem
    Haunt the house
    Tom and jerry
    Mine truck or tractor

    And many more
    There are still many ,i cant remeber their names

    Also there was a night mode
    I just cant say how much i miss them.😭

  7. last two games were my favourite games too omg feel of nostalgia is so refreshing

  8. i think you messed those two guys up they created fiverr

  9. I remember my midle brother show me this as a kid ah time sure flies

  10. Friv was literally the biggest part of anyones childhood but in 2020 some mo fos decided to shut flash down and know friv will never be the same

  11. I remember the day i think im the only one who find friv secret game

  12. Extreme Pamplona was by far the best game in history. I almost got caught playing it in class!

  13. 1:25 damn so much memories, btw the pixelated doctor guy up on the right wasn't quite family friendly

  14. 《ඞ☭A̵i̵ ̵G̸e̸n̶e̶r̸a̴t̸e̸d̴ W卐Γuigi☭ඞ》 says:

    The only thing I disliked about friv is that I couldn’t find some of the games

  15. I loved Friv as a kid. I'm so glad people still remember it to this day.

  16. my cousin showed me this since i wanted minecraft but wow the nostalgia

  17. i remeber i used to play this with my grandma on her commputer in 2017

  18. Even though Friv is no longer available since Flash is gone, Friv will always be in our hearts

  19. Fire boy water girl #1
    Playin that shit with ur mate as the teacher come round the corner was stress 😭

  20. tbh im proud of my generetion looking back at it

  21. Man Friv brings back so many great memories. Good video btw bro, really brought back some nostalgia feels.

  22. Electric man was my favorite. Now that I think about it, it's kind of how I got into fighting games.

  23. These games were classic in the top 5 but there was this one racing game that was really cool where you… had to race

  24. glad I wasn't the only one who loved it
    I remember a game where you had to find balloons in a maze to unlock a bunch of walls that match the color (I think you're trying to get to your wife?) but I forgot the name

  25. I got on this, and Kizi a lot in 2016 at school when they let us, good times

  26. i remember friv i used to play it every day im so sad it isnt around

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