Crazy Candy Creator | Official Friv® Walkthrough -

Crazy Candy Creator | Official Friv® Walkthrough

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We explain what ingredients will get you all the reactions you need. Please like and subscribe for more great walkthroughs!

00:00 The Start
00:14 Reaction #1 Hair Mania
01:02 Reaction #2 Clowning Around
01:56 Reaction #3 Sub Zero
02:37 Reaction #4 The Hercules
03:20 Reaction #5 Invisible Man
04:11 Reaction #6 Picasso Man
05:02 Reaction #7 Eye Candy
05:51 Reaction #8 Sparks Fly
06:40 Reaction #9 Dragon’s Breath
07:21 Reaction #10 Gaseous Emissions
08:18 Reaction #11 Runaway Hit
09:09 Reaction #12 Embracing Emo
10:05 Reaction #13 Major Malfunction
10:56 Reaction #14 Crush Candy
11:36 Reaction #15 Sweet Success
12:14 All Complete

You can play the full game here:

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  1. como consigo el taste overload y el tasty mix en los logos porfa ya hice todo menos eso

  2. My ears are bleeding please what intro is this

  3. Me faltaba la 2, 5, 6 y 12 reacción, me estaba frustrando por no conseguirla ¡Gracias!

  4. How to do the 5 good ingredients PLS Tell me

  5. i want papa's games series emulated in friv!!!

  6. i've been DYING to finish the game! thx for the walkthrough!

  7. 11:36 you can try some sweet ingredients anything sweet you'ill get it.

  8. You mean a very cool update?

  9. i tried hair mania but it did invisible man.
    i yous the right ingredients to and it still didnt work

  10. 13: you can also just sugar 1/2 desiccaded coconut 1/2

  11. How to unlock the box : Use only 5 good ingredients ?

  12. I make honey and lemon in The sweet success

  13. How To Unlock The Box: Used only 5 bad ingredients?

  14. I try the Crush Candy one, but randomly it became the sweet success so am i do it wrong?

  15. pude completar todo gracias aeste video muchas gracias

  16. how did you get the game I tried to get the game

  17. how do I get all ingredients in one candyyyyy ToT

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