Bartender The Right Mix - All 10 Endings Game, All Reactions, Perfect Drink (Crazy Flash Game) -

Bartender The Right Mix – All 10 Endings Game, All Reactions, Perfect Drink (Crazy Flash Game)

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Bartender The Right Mix – All 10 Endings Game, All Reactions, Perfect Drink (Crazy Flash Game)
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  2. Wasn't there an ending where he turns to an angel?

  3. I used to make the best combinations ever, only to shake it too much because I wanted to see the bartender blow up. Good times.

  4. what??? The best mix is just a simple cranberry juice and vodka mix with ice and a lime garnish??? I thought it was at least more complex than that

  5. when i was little i used to play this game 😭😭😭😭😭

  6. After all theses years i didnt know the game but now i do. ahh the memories.

  7. What I did as a kid was cheat and look up the recipe for Cosmopolitan on Wikipedia, then I followed the instructions and got a perfect score

  8. i got the holy grail ending once. had to search an actual cocktail recipe for it.

  9. bro i remember one day i was playing that game and it was the ONLY time in my life i got it right i dont know how but yeay
    i pured two i remembered and he did the chef emote
    the only time in my life

  10. I remembered playing the heck out of this game a lot when I was 16 in late 2018! Those were one of the precious and wonderful times of my teenage life!

  11. You can actually get the best ending by following his advice to the letter (lots of vodka, some triple sec and cranberry, a dash of lime, ice, and lemon garnish).

  12. i remember me playing this game with my 2 best friends, good old times🤣🤣🤣

  13. I have bartenders experience

    The experience:

  14. The trick is Vodka and Cranberry Juice.

  15. Yooooo i remember this my childhood game too 😭

  16. Insert generic "this game was my childhood" comment

  17. I like how in the endings he gives you the ingredients you need to make the cosmopolatin

  18. 4:14 Fun fact: I got this ending by filling the cocktail with only ice.

  19. Omg I forgot about this game!! But I used to play when I was little!😢

  20. My favorite ending is when he dies and the angel flies up

  21. 0:12 those lazy kids play football :
    1:07 those Gacha kids pretend suicide emo :
    2:22 me when I didn’t drink boba tea carefully:
    3:15 thirsty kids be like :
    4:18 me when I eat world’s spiciest pepper :
    5:15 FBI when they saw R34 :
    6:12 my eyes when I play don’t blink :
    7:04 my dad at my birthday :
    8:04 the world’s most okay drink :
    9:02 my dream :
    10:05 my grandma when I get birth :

  22. My childhood is passing in front of my eyes now

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